A Book on Management Techniques

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This book on management techniques is a showcase of timeless, traditional management techniques that have been tried, tested & successfully implemented. The literature of the book will ensure widespread readability and maximum usability The techniques mentioned in this book are not limited to any particular professional space but can be implemented in individual and social aspects of life as well.

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What will i learn?
  • Concepts of 7 Cs framework, continuity and consistency, contextuality, completeness, compatibility, competitiveness, controllability, and customization have been a part of major contribution by the authors
  • It teaches the HELIPAD concept holistic approach model, evolve, leverage, introspection, performance, adaptability, and delight .
  • The book provides and deals with management techniques from the practitioners’ perspective.
  • This book will be of immense help to all across functional knowledge seekers.
  • In the recent years parallel studies of the latest concepts were conducted to enable the exhibition of these techniques in the most clear and elementary form of literature
  • Issues arising due to domination of entrepreneurship development, have been dealt with by the authors to face the challenges that one undergoes on a daily basis.

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The authors of this book is privileged to have achieved their graduation from Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah University, the source of eternal Fatemi (Islamic) knowledge.

On graduating they were bestowed with the opportunity to be in the service of H.H. Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A., His successor H.H. Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin T.U.S. & The Dawoodi Bohra Community. The authors find themselves extremely fortunate to have obtained the chance to provide selfless managerial services in different departments on varied levels at mazaraat, visited by lac’s of visitors every year, exactly where the real managerial skills were shaped.

Furthermore, they practiced the said techniques under the watchful supervision of management veterans and in the last few years, started their journey of merging these solid techniques with research-backed concepts of the 21st century.

The authors with the guidance of His Holiness T.U.S. initiated this journey of research, analysis, practice, and finally compiled a few of the many robust techniques which were substantiated by fundamentally strong concepts.

Today, by the grace of AllahS.T. and the Blessings of His Holiness T.U.S. they have successfully achieved the feat of literally articulating years of historic techniques through this book.

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We the Authors are employees (Khidmatguzars) of Sigatul Mazaraat administrative office of His Holiness Syedna AliQadir Mufaddal Saifuddin Sahab TUS. We are alumni of AL Jamea TUS Safiyah, an Islamic Education Institution, Surat.

To make it unique we created 14 management tools that will help the management fraternity globally to increase their efficiency of work. After which we researched further and published Management Research Papers based on the above 14 tools. To elaborate on the same, we published this book titled "A Book on Management Techniques".

We are sure the readers will benefit from this book. 

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