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Our belief is that education
should be the privilege of all,
irrespective of the financial standings.

 ABOUT CPHR Academy?

Continuous Upgradation of knowledge is the best way to be a part of the continuous improvement model. A catalyst that keeps one from getting redundant. CPHR Services has evolved and we have launched CPHR Academy, an online HR Academy for certified, specialised technical HR courses and e-Books. They are rich in content, diagrammatic illustrations, and Video based Snapshots too are available at the end of each chapter. To upskill personnel is the new normal. To enable digital transformation is the new normal. Corporate leaders have their own responsibilities to keep their HR Team motivated and engaged, with new challenges every day, HR professionals are in the front line of every organisation and have to be updated with latest tools and techniques to increase their work efficiency.

CPHR Academy provides certification programs in Basic/Advanced Recruitment and HR Process Management Courses. These courses are technical in nature and will help with budgeting, planning, organising, auditing and measuring the health of the organisation’s Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Development and Rewards & Recognition functions and individual’s career enhancement.

e-Books like Transformational HR – Beyond Processes, a guide to Recruitment and others would definitely make a good read for everyone in the HR fraternity.

You can access our Certificate Courses and e-Books any time online. Take the program from the convenience of your home or office. Complete the course in one sitting or in multiple sessions. Have the flexibility to attend the program to suit your personal schedule. Enjoy reading the e-Books with video based snapshots towards the end of each chapter.

CPHR Academy is designed with the following advantages:

  • Time Saving courses – A Fast track option
  • Specialisation Certification for end-to-end Recruitment and HR Process Management solutions
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • e-Books with video based snapshots towards the end of each chapter.
  • Validated by CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd. (A globally renowned HR organisation)


Online CPHR CoursesClassroom Sessions

Highly cost-effective, a fraction of any other courses offered

High costs involved

Anywhere, anytime, at a click Fixed classroom session

Fixed classroom sessions

24 by 7 availability of courses

Restricted to certain schedules

Flexible duration of the course

Time-bound & lengthy

Supported by discussion forums

Restricted to information by faculty only

Exchange of info & resources on a global platform

Info restricted to size of classroom

Faculty not required, Video based snapshots

Bound by availability & quality of faculty

Can be attended from anywhere

Geographical restrictions involved

Regular up-gradations during subscription period

Restricted to prescribed syllabus

Resolve doubts in privacy

Hesitation in resolving queries