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  • Basic Recruitment Dr. Mohammed Bawaji -
    Certified course in basic recruitment provides in-depth knowledge about various factors of recruitment. The primary purpose of recruitment is to develop a group of potentially qualified people. This course begins with SWOT analysis. This analysis helps to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or a business venture.
    37 Lessons 05:30:00 Hours English Beginner
    ₨.1100 ₨.1500
    13 Ratings
  • Advanced Recruitment Dr. Mohammed Bawaji -
    Advanced recruitment course helps to understand the importance of recruitment and the various steps to be taken to ensure an appropriate supply of human resources in an organisation.
    23 Lessons 03:30:00 Hours English Advanced
    3 Ratings
  • Transformational HR - Beyond Processes Dr. Mohammed Bawaji -
    *World Record Holder
    *Hard Copy Available kindly check the Requirements Section below to order. Price includes the shipment charges.
    The book highlights the importance of human potential and how it can be harnessed to increase efficiency and lead to success. A brilliant tool is designed in the book called the HR Process Effectiveness Tool which empowers management systems. Twenty-one elements are highlighted in the diagram which can aid you in becoming quite the expert at HR processes.
    *Hard copy available in India only.
    *Additional shipping charges
    10 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    6 Ratings
  • Talent Acquisition and Management Dr. Mohammed Bawaji -
    This course touches upon all things pertaining to how the right candidates can be selected and the importance of them being retained. talent acquisition and Management pertains to planning, acquiring, hiring, and then managing the right people for the job that in turn serves the achievement of organizational goals. Once the right candidate is chosen, a holistic approach needs to be taken in order to manage and retain qualified and talented individuals. Tools like workforce planning, description detailing, effective internal and external HR branding are involved in the acquisition process. It highlights the need for personality tests to be able to aid in the selection of the best candidates for the job. Talent Management focuses on elements liked onboarding, branding, evaluating, and managing the performance of the employees for organizational success.
    7 Lessons 01:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    4 Ratings
  • Talent Development Dr. Mohammed Bawaji -
    The course focuses on developing skills and employee competencies in order to improve performance. How can talent be developed and kept engaged in a productive manner is detailed. The 5 essential HR skills that need to be enhanced are Adaptability, Communication, Organisational, Confidentiality & EthicalProblem-solving. Employee engagement & development is a process of building a workplace by providing the right conditions for the organizational workforce to maximize their performance, stay committed to the organization, and contribute towards organizational success with an enhanced skill set and developed sense of belongingness
    6 Lessons 01:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    5 Ratings
  • Reward & Recognition Dr. Mohammed Bawaji -
    The main points of the course are the importance and function of rewards and how it in turn motivates employees so that overall performance can be tracked. Rewards are monetary and non-monetary in from and the right combination can help enhance performance. In order to plan these rewards, a budget needs to be allocated, and estimating and comparing to previous budgets becomes essential. The course highlights why compensation, compliance, knowledge, handbook, and complying with the standard sets are important and all contribute toward the reward selection process. How these rewards are decided upon is based on reporting and analytics which should be error-free and meticulous.
    6 Lessons 01:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    2 Ratings