A Case study - Destination Positioning of Dongaon Mazaar

Dongam Mazar Mubarak, the Mausoleum of Moulaya Nooruddin Saheb QR, whose history lies back 1000 years ago. the first Bohra sainT who travelled to Egypt from India in search of true knowledge in very early age, where he met the descendant of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.S– Imam Mustansir Billah AS, from whom he derived the knowledge and returned to his homeland in India to spread the message of Islam that is love and humanity. Visitors irrespective of their casts, religion and creed come here and pay homage to get the blessings, fulfil their desires, and obtain peace.

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What will i learn?
  • Destination Positioning of Dongaon Mazaar
  • Unique Propositions of Dongaon Mazar i.e. what is the speciality of the location
  • A well-structured destination strategy
  • Root cause analysis for less footfalls at the destination
  • Challenges faced and steps taken to overcome challenges
  • The differentiating factors brought out as a part of the destination strategy of Dongaon Mazar
  • Management Tool created by author for identifying the Scenario in front of the HR team for the futuristic perspective.
  • Management Techniques used at work at the Dongaon Mazar
  • Impact Analysis of Dongaon Mazar

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Case Study
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  • A Case study - Destination Positioning of Dongaon Mazaar
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The HR officer of the organization, was thinking that can this model be replicated across the organization in all the places (Mazars). He put across the idea to the head of the department in Mumbai and sought permission to initiate the process in coordination with the Manager of Dongaon Mazar. But, for this, the change model was to be studied and analyzed.

The HR officer started doing so during the lockdown period with the help of his team. The HR team was quite sure that the spiritual benefits of all the places should be brought out to the entire world community according to their own spiritual heritage legacy. They also needed to come out with a well-structured destination strategy for the other destinations of their organization and community. 

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