A Study of reasons for lack of motivation amongst employees in Taherabad Mazar

Author Husain Radhanpurwala - An alumni of the esteemed Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah, Surat, India. Currently, an employee (Khidmatguzar) of Sigatul Mazarat -Al Vazaratus Saifiyah (Dargah Department) which is an office of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS).

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What will i learn?
  • To find out the reasons for demotivation amongst the employees.
  • To understand the Introspection thought processes to build the motivation amongst employees.

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Purpose: Most employers today would like to have their employees motivated and ready to work, but do not understand what truly motivates a person. The organization could be more efficient if the employees had an invested interest in the future of the company. The main objective of this paper is to assess the impact of employee motivation and empowerment on delivering quality service towards the enhancement of customer satisfaction for the Company. The main purpose is to assist the management of the organization in finding the various measures and tools that can be adopted and used to motivate and empower the employees. Organizations' employees are facing a lack of motivation, and it is affecting management. So for that, the solution is Introspection. Introspection helps in solving the problems and how to remove the lack of motivation amongst employees.

Research Method: Researcher began research on introspection with secondary data. The topic from the beginning was a study of the reason for lack of motivation amongst employees, with reference to secondary data, exploratory method, qualitative and non-probability sample.

Result: With the help of introspection every individual improves his ability on emotions, motivations, thoughts, and behavior. It is concluded that the process of introspection helps to build motivation amongst employees.

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