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Learn our 7 step approach to Coaching with its unique tools and techniques, to help you become a professional career counsellor. This is an Online Program in Self Study mode.

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What will i learn?
  • Firstly, details about the NEP and current trends are spoken about in detail. The next chapter highlights all the techniques you need to implement in order to become a successful counsellor.
  • How to communicate and what sort of questions need to be asked in order to make a case. Many important points need to be remembered when the candidate first approaches you as past and current factors are vital to decision making.
  • These 7 steps are unique and are formulated by CPHR which will leave no stone untuned in being able to gather information.
  • Furthermore, the course speaks about numerous options available when choosing a stream which is a big factor in influencing the steps you take toward your career.
  • After initial research and such is conducted, all important information gathered, certain tests like CBT and grapho analysis will be needed to be carried out to understand he aptitude and skill level to further strengthen the decision.
  • All in all the course is concise but doesn’t leave out major elements for becoming a career counsellor.

Curriculum for this course
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  • Chapter 1
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  • Chapter 1 00:00:00
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 2 00:30:00
  • Chapter 2 00:00:00
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 3 00:30:00
  • Chapter 3 00:00:00
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 4 00:30:00
  • Chapter 4 00:00:00
  • School Subjects Related to Career Options
  • No advanced preparation or prerequisites are needed for this course.
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Becoming a CPHR Certified Career Counsellor is easy and has so many benefits. If you are a parent or teacher and would like to add this to your skill set then it is the perfect time for you to get enrolled for this course. This course outlines the NEP and its stages. It further provides detailed information about the the7-step approach to coaching and ways to go about it. It also details the variety of subjects available and how many options can arise from them. Finally, it talks about tests and analysis required to be able to reach a conclusion after weighing factors and deciding the path that is the best fit for the student/individual.

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Founder & Managing Director of CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd, He is a strategic human resource management specialist, a career coach, an educationalist, a business management consultant and a renowned trainer in the corporate and education world. In addition to the above, he is a certified drawing and signature analyst and has a keen interest in graphology.

For over 15 years Dr. Mohammed Bawaji has been an expert and entrepreneur in the field of Human Resources. He is a pioneer in developing transformational HR processes and written several books for corporate and academic use. While he is constantly intrigued by HR and its processes, he has also developed HR specific short online courses and is also a consultant on topics related to career and education. A strategic human resource specialist and career coach, Dr.Bawaji serves as a recruitment advisor to many Fortune 500 companies.

The Economic Times has nominated him for the coveted title ‘Leader for Tomorrow” for three consecutive years (2010-2012). He is the only trainer to be to be certified by TUV SUD South Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd. (A German-based auditing firm) for the Programme in Entrepreneurship Development. (PED) in 2016.  Also a  Ph.D. in Human Resource Management.

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